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Red Hot Part 1 by Taylor L. Ray

Taylor L. Ray could not have picked a better title for her smokin’ series, Red Hot! Leanne Cooper, a woman with a dangerous past, spots a sexy man in the bar of her family’s hotel and decides to make him hers for the night. Cameron Mitchell, an ex-Navy SEAL is not looking forward to his next assignment, protecting some rich, spoiled brat from her thieving ex-husband, but the hot woman with the tequila shots approaching him is just the distraction he needs. One night of explosive sex was the plan, but things don’t always go as planned do they? Cameron has been hired by Leanne’s dad to protect her. Being thrown together, pretending to be a couple to try and draw out her ex, gives them both the opportunity to continue what they started the first night. Only problem is, what’s going to happen when the assignment is over?

Even though this book is only 38 page long it’s so full of incredible story building and likeable characters, it felt much longer. The action starts immediately and continues to the very end, but isn’t rushed or lacking in anyway. Since there is a second book in the series, the ending may seem abrupt, but the two books are really just one story in two installments. Don’t expect anything to be neatly tied up and I promise you won’t be disappointed. We’re given a nice cliffhanger when Cameron calls in his friend, Jason, to help better protect Leanne and just maybe help make one of her fantasies come true.

This is a perfect book for a quick afternoon read, but be warned, this is a cheek burning, seat squirming, RED HOT page turner! Be sure to grab book two right away because you don’t want to miss what happens next!

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