Since I’m the most boring person around this place, I’ll keep it short. My role on this website is basically to keep things running, technically speaking that is. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE reading books and I met these ladies on VRB. Since our Queen does have some technical difficulties from time to time, I try to fix them. When she mentioned she wanted to setup a new website, I told her I’d help. Essentially I’m the person that tries to get this site looking good and keeping it that way.
If you ever have problems using the website or you see something wrong, then don’t hesitate to contact me.
Besides being the website geek, I’m also working as a full time software developer (Yes, more geekiness). I’m married to my husband (who else) and together we’ve got 4 adorable dogs! Yes, they do have their own website as well! Oh and on a side note, I’m from Switerland so I do live in another time zone then most of you, in case you would be wondering why I might answer emails at unusual times…

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